The Marquess Jacome Correia Palace in the Azores

Municipal botanical gardensThe Marquis Jacome Correia Palace is located in the center of Sao Miguel island’s capital in Ponta Delgada. The palace and elaborate surrounding gardens were built-in 1846 and completed in 1866 by the initiative of the wealthy aristocrat Jose Jacome Correia. The palace was designed in the Neo-Classical French style with the interiors filled with beautiful Portuguese tiles, ornate woodwork, and fine Italian marble. During the visit of the King and Queen of Portugal to the Azores in 1901, the Marquis commissioned the young Azorean artist Domingues Rebelo to paint various scenes of the royal couples’ trip to the island, which he had placed throughout the palace. The beautiful dining room was always the scene of high society dinners and fashionable European balls. 63689391The photo below shows the house in its original color while under the Marquis’s ownership and then his heirs until 1977, when it was sold to the Regional Government to become the House of the Azores’ Presidency. It was customary to paint the large manor homes and palaces in light pink, yellow, and light blue. SMG_Santana_Liz_KloseJose Jacome Correia was one of the most influential figures in Azorean history in the 19th century. His heirs remained an integral part of Portuguese high society for over four centuries. Jose Jacome Correia was one of the men of his time who decided to invest heavily in many Azorean economy sectors, always trying to elevate its beauty while promoting the various agriculture sectors he helped to initiate on the islands.e2603-1 The postcard below from the early 1900s represented a century ago when this elaborate private estate required constant care and maintenance. On any given day of the week, there would always be at least 20-25 gardeners and maintenance workers manicuring and pruning this elaborate private garden. Since its purchase from the Jacome Correia family in 1977, the palace has been restored with beautiful hand-painted ceilings with unique floral designs, quickly making it one of the classier 19th-century buildings still standing on the island.ec181-310895642843_1_0_1 Since Jose Jacome Correia had no children when he passed away in 1886, the vast estate and his holdings passed on to his mother which she passed on to her son Jose’s brother the Count Pedro Jacome Correia, which he left to his son Aires Jacome Correia who was given the royal title of the 1st Marquis of Jacome Correia since his fathers’ title as the count was just for 1 generation and not to be passed down. After having the property in the family for hundreds of years, Jacome Correia Hintze Ribeiro sold it to the Government. Since 1977 it has been the Head of the Azores Government’s residence.




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