Passion Fruit: Maracujá From the Azores Islands

azores maracuja passion fruit dessert pulp

The Portuguese word for passion fruit is ‘Maracuja’. The passion fruit is by far one the most popular fruit produced on the Azores islands. Introduced to the 18th-century region and prized for its sweet tropical taste and unique flavoring in desserts and juices makes this unique fruit grown in the Azores, one of the islands’ finest agricultural assets. Designated one of the Azores’ official certified national products, the passion fruit is popularly known as the fruit of tranquility. It is known to calm and relax the body and mind. I have no idea if this is true or not however, I do know that everything that seems to be produced with the passion fruits from the region are tasty, sweet, and refreshing.azores passion fruit flower sao miguel garden The pulp is used in many local sorbets, ice creams, and juices. It is hard to find any local Azorean brands that do not incorporate this exceptional fruit in their products line.azores fruit maracuja passion fruits growing sao miguel island The Yocor yogurt company uses it for their yogurt, which I must say are the best yogurts I have ever tasted. The local dairy and fresh passion fruit in these morning snacks make them something I never leave the store without. The local liquor company A Mulher de Capote on the island of Sao Miguel produces sweet liquors with the fruits’ flavors, most notably the pineapple, blackberry & passion fruit flavors being the most popular with tourists and locals alike. The liqueurs are perfect for doing as a shot, sipping over ice, and have even been known to make the perfect blend in a tropical punch cocktail! I would recommend anyone visiting these islands to make sure they try the local fruit either from one of the many fruit trucks that circulate on the island with fresh, local produce daily or in one of the town markets or grocery stores. It is always best to check or ask where the fruit is grown and not be mistaken with imports.azores dairy leite dos acores yocur maracuja passion fruit yogurt

The Azores are an island paradise filled with mineral-rich soil, an abundance of sunlight, and just the right amount of rain needed to produce a broad spectrum of fruits and vegetables. The sweet fruits of the Azores islands should be enjoyed by all who come to these magical islands so you can experience the refreshing flavors of the region. 6d099-kima

Top Portuguese Products with Passion Fruit:


  • Sumol – Maracuja – Carbonated Passion Fruit Beverage
  • Kima – Maracuja – Carbonated Passion Fruit Beverage
  • Compal- Maracuja – Passion Fruit Juice with 20 Passion Fruits per bottle
  • Yocur – yogurt and Dairy Drinks Maracuja Flavor
  • Mulher de Capote – Maracuja Liquor



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