RedBull Cliff Diving Competition in the Azores

boats on Villa Franca Island in the Azores Cliff Diving Redbull EventThe RedBull Cliff Diving World Series is an annual event that takes place at some of the top cliff diving locations around the globe. In Europe, the event has gained popularity over the last few years especially in Spain and Portugal. The only region in Portugal to host this international event is on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores. Most notably in Vila Franca and the small island crater located 1 km from the main island. The divers jump from a platform at a height ranging from 26–28 m (85–92 ft), which is only one reason why this area on the island of Sao Miguel is perfect for the international series with its breathtaking rocky cliffs.redbull cliff diving on Sao Miguel Island in Azores Portugal According to the Washington Examiner article on the Red Bull cliff diving competition in the Azores, this is what the RedBull media house put out: “Of volcanic origin, the Azores are undoubtedly one of the last paradises in Europe – often appearing in legends of the lost continent of Atlantis. The venue for the third of seven stops of the World Series is located around one kilometer from the coastline and came about following the collapse of a former volcano. In 1983, the islet, which is almost circular but broken by a sea entrance through one section of its perimeter, was classified as a nature reserve.”Redbull Azores Villa Franca AzoresThe island has hosted the event since 2009, and each year the participation grows dramatically as many thrill-seekers from around the globe come and witness some of the most exciting dives on the planet. The island has some outstanding views and is a beautiful spot to enjoy the small crater pool and sandy beach overlooking the main island of Sao Miguel. There are small boats that go to the island from the city of Villa Franca, and in the summer, it makes an excellent retreat spot.cliff diving on sao miguel island at vila franca crater

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