The Antonio Borges Botanical Garden in Sao Miguel Azores

3ce42-12507180_127953370918171_1984008768486209020_nAntónio Borges da Câmara de Medeiros was born in June of 1812 and lived until March of 1879. A member of the aristocratic Da Câmara family of Madeira and a knight of the royal house, Antonio Borges came from one of the most influential families in Portugal. A politician and former Governor of the islands, Antonio was the brother of the famous Viscount of Praia e Monforte. Considered one of the most famous botanists in Portuguese history, his love for botany came in part with the competition he faced with his cousins who at the time were in the process of creating elaborate English and Victorian-style gardens to rival some of Europe’s finest gardens. f340f-10551067_10152558003265409_2214882399420283304_nThe desire to turn the Azores into a floating garden of paradise was one of the ambitions of the great landowners. Jose do Canto, Ernesto Do Canto, Marquis Jacome Correia, the Marquise of Praia e Monforte and Antonio Borges which all began importing exotic rare trees, flowers, and plants from every corner of the globe. The experimentations began with the results being outstanding for the owners. It was truly remarkable how the soil and fair climate allowed so many plants to thrive in an otherwise a foreign region to the species. The 5 gardens today are some of the most visited botanical gardens in all of Portugal, each unique in design and differ greatly in the varieties of plants and flowers. abbbLocated in the center of the city of Ponta Delgada; a 3-minute car ride from the cruise terminal, this 4 acre, once the private garden is breathtaking. The amount of flowers and trees from Australia to Brazil and everywhere in between is truly exceptional. The amount of detail and attention that went into the construction and design of the garden is one of true genius. Unlike his cousin, Jose do Canto who noticed some of the plants were experiencing problems with growth due to their placement so close to the oceans salty breeze.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bigstock-ficus-macrophylla-commonly-kn-252796573.jpg When Antonio and his architect designed his garden he assured that the plants that were most sensitive to the ocean wind were placed in areas that would not affect their growth and beauty, which has resulted in international recognition as one of the most beautiful gardens in the Atlantic. Secret paths, grottos that lead to small ponds, and tropical flowers from all over the world, is only one of the reasons why this magical garden in the middle of the ocean is a true oasis.Antonio Borges Botanical Garden in Ponta Delgada In 1957 the Garden was acquired by the Government of the Azores and opened as a public park in the same year. Since then the park has seen a consistent amount of tourism with the recent boom in travel to Sao Miguel in 2014 and 2015 reaching the highest numbers in recent years due to the extensive variety of plants and flowers and its ideal location in the heart of the island’s capital. The entrance to the garden is free and it is worth exploring this vast garden or just stopping in for a picnic in one of the beautiful spots this botanical garden has to offer. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bigstock-antonio-borges-botanical-garde-191873989.jpg

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