The Festival of Senhor Santo Cristo in Ponta Delgada

Senhor Santo Cristo Statue in Ponta Delgada CelebrationThe Festival of Senhor Santo Cristo, also known in English as the Feast of the Holy Christ, is the largest celebration in the Azores islands. A religious celebration that takes place on the 5th Sunday after Easter on the island of Sao Miguel, with the large procession taking place through the main streets of Ponta Delgada. statue infront of church azores islandsThis is one of the most beautiful and elaborate events in the region. Over a hundred thousand people pay tribute and fulfill their promises to the Lord by following in this glorious event. The Lord Christ statue is one of the most beautiful relics of the savior in Portuguese culture since the 16th century. The figure is removed from the Church and Convent of Esperanca as it is carefully paraded through the city streets by strong men who have been elected the prior year to carry the over 500-pound statue.ponta delgada gates of the city festival senhor santo cristo azores The festivities in honor of the Lord Christ are deeply rooted in the Azorean people’s history and culture, and thousands of 2nd and 3rd generation Azoreans come annually to pay tribute. The large number of Azorean descendants that come to the festival every year is outstanding. It shows the continued appreciation for the history and culture that shapes the identity of the Azorean peoples and their belief in Christ for centuries.santo cristo festival ponta delgada In honor of the event, the local houses place traditional white linens or quilts outside their window sills. Each area of homes has the responsibility of decorating the outside streets with elaborate patterns of flowers that blanket the city streets for blocks.religious celebration sao miguel ponta delgada senhor santo cristo This is an event that everyone should experience. If you cannot attend, it can be streamed online via the Government of the Azores website where you can follow in the procession and pay tribute from wherever you may be in the world. A great new addition since many older adults in hospitals or who cannot travel can follow step by step via the internet in the most beautiful festival in the on the road ponta delgada sao miguel

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