Travelling to the Azores Checklist

ffffffffIf you are planning a trip to the Azores islands, first of all, congratulations! These 9 islands located in the Mid-Atlantic are a nature lovers paradise. With so much to do and see on these magical islands, it is important to make the most of your trip with a basic checklist of things you may need for your trip. Yes, there are lots of shops throughout the 9 Islands for most of your needs with the smaller, less populated islands having less of a selection then you may find in one of the larger cities so coming prepared is your best bet.traveler list close-up The Islands are very safe with a very low crime rate however petty crime still occurs wherever you may be or travel in the world so it is always good to be vigilant and aware. Always lock your car doors, just as a matter of habit. Again there are never any crimes that have been reported against tourists and the islands are generally very safe. When Taking a taxi you can ask the driver before how much it is going to cost. The taxi drivers are very friendly and are regulated by the government so they are a safe way to explore the island. The taxies are majority all Mercedes Benz so safety and comfort are provided with air conditioning etc. Your hotel front desk staff or hosts will have any information you may need to contact the local taxi company. The launch of UBER on Sao Miguel island will be taking place in the spring of 2018 as well, so your ride will be a click away on your smartphone.12772040_538586862989825_5171058875370867295_o

Packing List:

-Euro Adapter (Check voltage requirements in case you have a hairdryer etc)
-Unlocked Cell Phone (Can be easily set up with a local number to use on your trip)
-Credit card, debit card, drivers license, passport, euros
-Medications, sunscreen, sunglasses, umbrella: all of these are a must on the island and although they are available for sale in the Azores if you need, they are all wise to have as the weather can change very quickly from sunshine to rain and vice versa.
-Comfortable shoes! This is an island of outdoor activities and is filled with hiking and walking trails. Many of the streets are the traditional cobblestone roads so it is good to be comfortable.

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