Star Gazing in Sao Miguel Azores


The 9 majestic islands known as the “Azores” are located off the coast of Portugal and have belonged to the country since their discovery by Portuguese Explorer Goncalo Velho Cabral. These islands are known for their unique flora and fauna and have one of the best sites to come witness the amazing stars the adorn the skies.

dreamstimelarge_66966318 (2)

Due to the remote location of the Azores and the limit of outside commercial lights have made these islands one of the most different places to come and witness the mysteries of the galaxy with shooting stars and constellations clearly visible on clear nights. The island of Sao Miguel is the largest of the Islands in the Azores and above are pictures from various points on the island.stargazing-scorpius-azores-claro

As you can see, the milky way is clearly visible with thousands of stars adorning the dark sky. Each season brings with it different patterns and constellations in the sky and is a great location for astronomers and star enthusiasts to gather and explore the night sky’s without any outside big city lights.

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