8 Bucket List Things to do on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores

Sao Miguel Azores Island

  • Go for a Hike! The island is filled with close to 100 marked trails throughout the island, allowing you to choose a trail according to your strength. The trails can vary from flat forest paths to uphill coastal paths and everything in between. This is your time to explore these ancient islands that have only been populated by humanity for just over 500 years. hortensia path with hydrangeas sao miguel nordesteHere you can explore the fantastic flora and fauna while stopping off at many rest stops and picturesque points to relax or even grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants on your hike.Coastal path with hortensia in Sao Miguel, Azores Islands
  • Jose do Canto Botanical Garden! The Jose do Canto botanical garden located on the island’s capital of Ponta Delgada, is one of the most unusual and beautiful gardens on the island. Founded a century in half earlier by one of the Island’s wealthiest landowners and families, the ‘Do Canto’s.’ Son of a wealthy politician and aristocrat, Jose do Canto was one of the pioneers of the Azores and introduced many plants, species, and techniques to the island that has allowed the island to prosper for centuries. azores furnas garden terra nostra lily pond hamptons flowerHere he built his botanical garden with flowers and trees shipped from all over the world. A bamboo forest 50 feet high, over 600 Camellia plants, and hundreds of uniques trees and flowers are only one of the reasons this Manor Home, Hotel, and Botanical Garden have been a favorite for tourists and locals alike for over a century. Both President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited the palace and beautiful garden during their visit to the island.Bamboo forest Ponta Delgada Jose do Canto Garden
  • The Cha Gorreana Tea Estate is located on the north coast of the island and is one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in the Azores but also in Portugal. This 18th-century estate has a large tea plantation with 6 km of marked trails through the vast plantation. azores tea and hydrangea gardens flowers in bloom during summerHere you have some of the most outstanding views on the island with the picturesque rows of tea from high mountain tops to deep in the estate’s enchanted valley. A waterfall, 18th-century church, factory, museum, and gift shop are all located on the property, and this unique spot makes a beautiful place to stop in and enjoy the fresh, grown teas and sweets that have made the island famous since 1883.gorreana green tea trail azores
  • Swim in the Hot Springs! The Island of Sao Miguel has some of the coolest hot springs, making you feel like you are in a Jurassic Park film. Here all the lush greenery and exotic vegetation that surrounds this unique location are genuinely remarkable. A favorite and must-have spot are the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel in Furnas. It is the most popular spot on the island and has a variety of hot springs; some that are nice and shallow where you can dip your feet to various other swimming sizes, natural pools where you can swim in the hot volcanic water while using the volcanic mud on your face and skin due to its natural exfoliation benefits. Azores mineral thermal pool furnas st michaels island azoresThe 2nd area in Furnas next to Terra Nostra is Poca Dona Beija, which has three different human-made natural lava stone pools. The cost of entry is around 6 euros, and you need to bring your towel. There are changing stations there if you want and showers if you want to shower before or after your swim. Outside is where they have the famous Furnas sweet corn on the cob, and if the vendors are there, it is highly recommended to grab one of the island’s favorite snack.thermal hot springs furnas sao miguel island azores garden geysers
  • Stroll the city, promenade! The capital of Ponta Delgada is a vibrant and energetic city with just under 70,000 residents in the various regions of the city. There are several parish communities in Ponta Delgada, but it is hard to believe that this city’s capital was once a small fishing village! In the 16th century, after a great earthquake had devastated the region, the island’s capital and main residential and commercial sectors were all based in Vila Franca on the other end of the island. It is in that city that the first discovers landed when they discovered and colonized the island. Then the island’s nobles decided to relocate the cities capital in the small bay of Ponta Delgada, and it has been a thriving destination point ever since. Everyone from FDR to Winston Churchill made a point of visiting the city and its unique buildings, marina, and city gardens. ponta delgada marina sao miguel island anjos bar ibiza club boatsHere you can stroll along a cobblestone promenade along the coastline while admiring the passing boats and sunshine in your midst. It is truly a fantastic city with lots of culture in its unique architecture, historic churches, and delicious local restaurants. I love just grabbing one of the many local ice creams and Portuguese pastry and going for a stroll along the promenade, stopping off at the marina for a coffee or Portuguese tea. It has the most restaurants per capita in the Azores, many being highly acclaimed and very affordable. Whether it is running, biking, or just walking the promenade along the island’s most vibrant boardwalk, make it an enjoyable one and stop off in the local shops and gardens and truly embrace the Azorean city for all its fun!ponta delgada cruise ship entrance gates of the city shopping area
  • Enjoy the local food! The Azores have great food and an agriculture-based society where the majority of the work is through fishing, dairy, fruit and vegetable farming, etc. The island produces some very unique and delicious treats. The cheeses are outstanding! They all have a different taste, and they produce everything fresh and local from goats and sheep’s cheese to a wide variety of cows cheeses since, as we all know, there are more cows in the Azores in then people! Azores Food Cheese Sao Jorge QeijoThe wines on the Azores are friendly with Pico’s wine, and the Vinho Verde, known as ‘green wine,’ is popular amongst locals and tourists and pair excellent with a nice seafood or beef dish. Always try to eat the local foods and produce while in the Azores. It is a great island experience, and they have lovely ripe and healthy vegetables and fruits year-round in the local supermarkets. The Lapas are a great appetizer to try as well! They are very popular on the island as a seafood dish and are grilled limpets like little grilled mussels on the shell. They are marinated in butter, garlic, lemon, and sometimes white wine and are grilled and served on a hot pan! They are perfect for sharing and trying amongst your friends, and I am sure you will enjoy this unique Azorean dish.Lapas Azores recipe sao miguel seafood restaurant
  • Enjoy the many lakes on the island. Sao Miguel has many clear lakes and picturesque lagoons for you to explore. If it is investigating the lakes on land or by sea, there is something for everyone here. The local islanders have fallen in love with surfing and stand up paddleboarding, and the lakes here on Sao Miguel are perfect for that. surf azores islands sao miguel workout surfer on LagoaWhether you have your board, which you can bring onboard your Azores Airlines flight, or want to rent one, the options are endless and make the perfect spot to take a selfie on the island. The lake in Furnas and Sete Cidades is the most famous lake for stand-up paddling, and you can take a lesson if you want or just rent the board and go out. The lakes are very calm and usually are found inside sunken craters and can be enjoyed by most travelers.Lake on Sao Miguel St Michaels Island in the Azores
  • Last but surely not least is enjoying a remote night in the countryside to enjoy the beautiful milky way with one of the most outstanding views out into space I have ever encountered.azores stargazing sao miguel azores night sky The remote location, hundreds of miles away from significant light pollution and in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, gives you a first-hand glimpse into all the majestic stars and planets visible from earth with the naked eye. This is a star lover paradise as the night sky in the Azores is just as beautiful as all the flora and fauna that overwhelm this impressive island.Azores Night Sky Stars Lagoa do Fogo


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  1. Thomas McGowan

    Hi, you share your love of the Azores well, please may I:

    God’s Archipelago

    Let us dwell upon these Isles
    envisioned by their green hues
    exhilarated by deep blue waters.

    Return, here again, the Azore’s Isles
    her shores, her gardens of hydrangeas
    a land where dreams are never forgotten.

    Come stroll among Azore’s canopy of trees
    many hearts fall in love on its enchanted isles
    sing, dance, eat-drink the wine of Azore’s vistas.

    Among the Azores, gaze adore her isles you can be
    your eyes, too, gain their lost sparkle you envisioned
    the Azores bring back to life on an everlasting getaway.

    Here her native mortals live among God’s Archipelagos
    a dreamer only imagines their earthly natural wonders
    these Azores are a Wonder of the World, all to behold.

    The Azores, greener than green pastures, mysteries
    within a thermal pool to rejuvenate our old bones
    every meal to taste better than the first prepared.

    Do not fear Azore’s beauty, please dare linger.

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