Guide to Fruits, Flowers and Trees Grown in the Azores

flowers of bougainvillea , pink flower in the parkWelcome to Paradise! Located a short two-hour flight from mainland Europe these 9 islands are one of the most beautiful island destinations on the planet. Their old world charm, and natural beauty add to the unique character that each one of these islands have. The Azores are famous for their hydrangea lined roads, abundance of flowers both on the countryside and in private gardens and the hundreds of unique plants that grow just in the region.42770425_ml They say anything and everything grows in the Azores and this is definitely the case because of the mineral rich volcanic soil that allows that plants to flourish here.The Azores are divided into 3 regions for both political and commercial reasons and these 3 regions all have various weather patterns due to their isolated location in the ocean. The abundance of rain in the winter and spring months and delicate balance of sunshine during the summer months makes these islands a mecca for nature lovers. There are some private botanical gardens that have recently opened up to the public on a majority of the islands from Sao Miguel to Graciosa.ponta-do-sossegoThe famous Jose do Canto garden located in Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel is a beautiful 19th century manor home and garden with hundreds of unique trees and flowers to explore. A collection of over 600 camelias exists here.Amazing spring flowers in the sunny dayThe public park known as Antonio Borges named after the landowner and founder who donated his beautiful garden to the city, is a busy garden with many people coming to admire the hundred year old trees and man-made caves that exists on the property. The beautiful lily pond is a great place to relax with a book or just have a picnic in the park. Fern Trees and RiverThe most famous and one of the most beautiful in all of the Azores is the Terra Nostra garden that also has the volcanic mineral pool that is one of the most iconic and famous destinations on the island. Here you can explore the elaborate and well manicured garden through the various paths that connect the pool, hotel and gardens altogether. Here everything looks and smells like paradise. The gardeners work daily to make sure everything is just perfect from the elaborately cut shrubs to the hundreds of unique flowers and trees. 257259_0d64113b99b034e15425aef14a4edd91_large

The following species are plants and flowers endemic to the Azores islands, which means this is the only place on the earth where it grows which is different then Native plants which grow naturally here but as well as in other locations in the world. So it is interesting to see these rare endemic plants that thrive on this north Atlantic island climate.

  • Azorean Holly
  • Azorean Blueberry
  • Azorean Cherry
  • Hawkbit
  • Azorean Heather
  • Azorean Laurustinus
  • Azorean Dwarf Misletoe
  • Picconia Azorica
  • Blackthorn
  • Azorean Juniperus
  • Azorean Ivy
  • Azorean Laurel
  • Azores Bellflower

    The Endemic Azores Bellflower found on the Azores Islands


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