Meals Cooked in a Volcano on São Miguel Island

Sao Miguel Island Furnas walking trail to food geysers volcanoA past-time for generations on the island of Sao Miguel is the fascinating way they produced their “Cozidho”, which is cooked belowground in a small wooden barrel. This is then filled with all the meats, potatoes, sausage, vegetables, cabbage, and spices, etc. Once it is all packed up and sealed tight with the wooden lid, it is put in a large potato type bag with a rope tied around the top to take it out of the ground when it is done. This is a unique experience that only takes place in a few spots around the world and is something to experience while visiting the island. Furnas Volcanic Food Geysers Azores Spa Located in the retreat town of Furnas, where the natural volcanic heat produces underground bubbles and boils around the cooking chambers where you drop your food in to cook. Most people will go early in the morning, pack their barrels, and put them in the ground, coming back 5-6 hours later to take them out. Food Preparation in the Azores on Furnas Sao Miguel Cozido There are many options once your food is cooked with many restaurants in the area, for a nominal fee will cut and prepare your meal to be served at their establishment. All you have to buy is wine and bread if you desire. You can also take it with you wherever you are going, whether it is a picnic on the coast or a family celebration.Furnas Sao Miguel Azores Cozido Volcano Food Pits This is typical Azorean cuisine and is a must for anyone who wants to experience the island’s local culture and gastronomy. It has been a tradition for generations, with many tourists taking advantage of the island’s unique volcanic activity to cook their locally produced foods. If trying ‘Volcano Food’ is something on your bucket list then there is no better place to experience it than at the Furnas Lake Villas. This boutique hotel in Furnas has one of the best restaurants in the Azores and there you can order off the menu their cozido or arrange to bring your own. Portuguese Stew Azores Furnas Food Volcano

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