Portugal’s Age of Discovery: The Azores Islands

Map Of The Discoveries Routes In Lisbon, Portugal

The discovery of these 9 islands was not done all at once at there are many legends behind their existence before they were colonized by the Portuguese in the 1420’s. The islands known as the Azores are 9 islands located in the mid-Atlantic ocean and some have claimed they are this is where the lost island of Atlantis disappeared into the sea thousands of years ago. The first island to be discovered was the small island of Santa Maria on the southern most tip of the Azores region. It was said that here that men landed after a horrible storm was beating and battering their boat that they did not think they were going to survive the night. It was later that evening that land was seen and the crew yelled to the captain of the ship Goncalo Velho Cabral “Land in sight, Land in sight” it is there they docked and took refuge in a bay from the storm. It was named after the patron saint and mother of Jesus Mary “Santa Maria”.Azores_old_map

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