What is Winter like in the Azores?

View Of Porto Formoso On Sao Miguel Island, AzoresThe 9 Azores Islands located in the Mid-Atlantic ocean are an oasis of flora and fauna that amazes the senses. The weather patterns in the Azores are very erratic and sometimes heavy rain on the island can cause short-term flooding or sometimes even landslides have occurred. This is very rare and the island still keeps close the memory of the landslide that struck the island of Sao Miguel killing 20 people in the fishing village of Ribeira Quente in 1998. The 4 seasons of the year are said to be present every day in the Azores with rain sun and a brisk wind all present in one day.bigstock--169651610 That is surely true for the winter season in the Azores where some parts of the day can be filled with sunlight and then just start to rain or vice versa. The average temperature is around 15-17 degrees celsius in the ’60s in Fahrenheit which is still not cold but still jacket weather. The effects of the gulf stream winds play an important role in the weather patterns in the various regions of the Azores islands.

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