A Locals Guide to the Best Food in Sao Miguel Azores

Portuguese Grilled SeafoodSeafood on the island of Sao Miguel is by far the most popular cuisine with locals and tourists due to their outstanding variety, freshness; often caught fresh daily and sold directly to the local restaurants and high quality fish that exists in the North Atlantic.The Azores waters are located in the North Atlantic which allows a wide variety of fish, lobsters, crabs, shrimp etc. There are some local delicacies that are a staple and worth a try when on the island. They are prepared grilled with butter and lemon and is served at 75% of the restaurants on the island. They are called Lapas. Most restaurants will have their daily fish specials on the menu board out front of the restaurant or the server will let you know when taking your drink orders and if it is recommended then it is probably worth trying as seafood is known for its freshness in the Azores due to its abundance and respect for the sea that has existed for centuries on these 9 islands and most notably Sao Miguel.ffffffThe Meat in the Azores is something that is truly special. The cows in the Azores, feed and graze in small local farms where the organic method of farming is predominant, and the love for the cow on the island by farmers ensures the happiest, healthiest cows. The island is filled with many local butchers that can help you find any cut of meat you require, perfect for bbqing on one of the dozens of outdoor, free bbq pits that exist throughout the island. This is truly a locals thing to do and many tourists love going to the butcher and getting some burgers and steaks and all the trimmings and setting a picnic at one of the unique wood or coal bbq pits that surround the island. These bbq pits are usually in locations with outstanding views, which is perfect for making memories in beauty and is highly recommended.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bigstock-sirloin-steak-with-passion-fru-281539459.jpg The restaurants in the Azores have many local, unique menu items and as an entrée it is wise to try the local cuisine and if a high quality, grass-fed organic cut of beef is what you want then in the Azores you are in luck! The cows are grass-fed and can graze on the green pastures at will and this allows them to be of the highest quality according to E.U standards. fruitThe flourishing fruit and vegetable market in the Azores has become increasingly widespread now that production quotas have been increased on the island. The Azores is a bountiful and fertile group of islands, with a unique climate pattern and ample amounts of rain throughout the year that allows many unique and exotic plants and fruit trees to thrive here. Everyone in the Azores has a garden in their backyard and a large majority of the population is still very agriculturally based and farming is a pre-dominant means of work and providing many health fruits and vegetables for the family.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is aec91-image_5.jpg The Azores is famous for its unique pineapples, which are grown in greenhouses and is one of the few places in the world this is done. The passion fruit is symbolic in the Azores and everyone always wants to get their hands on a local grown Passion Fruit when visiting these exotic group of islands in the mid-Atlantic. This is a must if you are visiting the island and there are small fruit and vegetable markets in every village on the island.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is abc92-azor.jpg

Another unique thing in the Azores is the abundance of fruit trucks! Every morning in a different part of the island the trucks will be circulating ringing their bells with large carriages filled with fruits and vegetables all local grown available for sale. You just wave them down, since they are driving slowly and let them know what you want or ask for their recommendation, they are very helpful and friendly and everything is weighed out and you are given a receipt if needed. This has been going on in the Azores, and especially on Sao Miguel island for centuries and is one that locals and tourists love. It brings the best of the island right to your front door. Make sure when you visit the islands that you go to the local fruit market and buy the local fruit or vegetables and experience the high quality, organic grown treats these unique islands have to offer! vegee


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