Europe’s Only Green Tea Grown on the Azores Islands

shutterstock_726853252One of the unique things about the Azores islands is that they are the only region in the entire Euro-zone region to grow tea commercially, and have been doing so since the 19th century. The island of Sao Miguel is very special and unique for its ability to be able to produce tea which normally only thrives in very rainy regions. The gulf stream breeze and mineral-rich soil are only a few reasons why this prized tea has been a major tourist destination and commercial product for the Portuguese community for over a century.135695_153220071393685_2601970_oHere at the famous Cha Gorreana tea estate the family owned and operated plantation you can explore the tea trail that goes through the estate, which leads up mountain hills and deep into valleys where they have their own waterfall. The museum and factory are filled with 19th-century artifacts from the time it began producing tea here over 130 years ago. The machines are amazing to see in use as some of the machinery is over 200 years old and is one of the reasons why this unique factory still produces its rare Atlantic teas.11796266_850209531694732_291296454523939051_n

This is a must see when visiting Sao Miguel and has free teas available to sample in their tea room. A nice place to grab a light lunch while admiring the sweeping ocean views over this emerald-green plantation. This is one of the most famous and popular brands in Portugal with Cha Gorreana gaining the reputation as the “Azorean Embassy” due to all its high-profile visitors throughout its history.Cn7pGt3XYAAeydA

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