Fishing in the Azores: Sao Miguel Island

S_120827The island of Sao Miguel is an island filled with history and culture, especially from the sea. The important role of the ocean on the island is one that has always affected the local people and their superstitions. They say when you live on an island you either thrive or survive. The people of the island of Sao Miguel have a mixed history with the ocean and fishing has always played an important role in both the financial and diet of the local population. ┬áBeing located in the Mid-Atlantic ocean without any surrounding lands for hundreds of kilometers makes the Azores and the most notably the island of Sao Miguel a fisherman’s haven. The waters are filled with an abundance of fish and seafood that have helped sustain a healthy economy with many fishermen working the seas for generations just like their fathers or grandfathers have before them. The island has a couple of fishing villages as well as coastal towns that thrive on the daily fishing for the markets both on the island and on the mainland Portugal.Azores Islands Portugal is the largest consumer of fish in the European Union and that is due to the fact that the majority of Portugal’s borders are surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. Here in Portugal, there are hundreds of recipes that use the fresh fish that flourish here on the North Atlantic waters. In the Azores, fishing has always been an important sector of the economy. There are between 500-800 fishermen in the Azores and most of the boats that are used are small boats under 12 meters long and go up to 24 km from the coast. The Azores is known for its big game fishing over the last few years with many television shows coming to shot an episode fishing in this unique part of the ocean.Arnel Lighthouse In Azores Islands, Fishing has been on the decline over the last 20 years in the Azores, with many younger people not interested in working out on the sea. If that trend continues it could cause a disruption in the local economy as much of the diet is seafood and the reason it is so affordable is because of its abundance and ease of accessibility. There are many local companies on the island of Sao Miguel that offer fishing tours for a minimal cost and are a great way to go explore the ocean with a seasoned fisherman. The weather in the North Atlantic can sometimes be erratic with the winter months seeing less fishing due to rough seas. It is at this time that fish is the most expensive in the region since it is much harder to come by fresh fish.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 12540750_10204739925331848_281202308304428005_n.jpg

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