A Guide to the Beaches on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores

12764784_538588889656289_4130496079063019840_oIf you are wondering what the beaches on the Azores islands are like look no further. We have the complete guide for you to make the perfect beach choice on your vacation. Each of the 9 islands of the Azores are predominantly dark sand or small stone beaches, with the island of Santa Maria being an exception.887467_10204183574263419_7484130248089435995_oPraia dos Mohinos: Located on the northern part of the island in the town of Porto Formoso next to the famous Cha Gorreana tea plantation. Here there is a small beach with outstanding views of the emerald-green hill tops with cows grazing over the rugged coastline. The beach was recently awarded as a blue flag beach; meaning its waters and surrounding ecosystem is considered to be one of the best on the island. The water and waves can be rough so it is recommended to stay close to the shore if you’re not an experienced ocean swimmer when the ocean’s current is rough. They have a flag system on the beach with green being safe, yellow meaning caution and red meaning danger and not recommended. There are 2 restaurants next to the beach one right at the entrance of the beach and one on the beach. Here you can relax while enjoying a delicious local lunch or ice cream. There are a couple of marked hiking trails that go through or have a view of the beach that are outstanding! The views and the paths are incredible with water falls and beautiful flora surrounding you. A great place to relax or go for a hike and enjoy an after workout snack on the beach. Parking is available with a small parking lot where the waterfall is located and the camp grounds are. It gets very busy in the summer months so prepare to park a little ways away and walk to the beach. There are the coal outdoor bbq’s located here at the camping grounds area where you can bring your own coals and wood and cook your meal next to the enchanting waterfall and steps from this picturesque beach. Sao Miguel - The Green IslandPraia do Maia- Located in the parish community of Maia, a city of 5 thousands residents, here there is a small stone beach with a great snack bar and restaurant on site. The beach is small and is a favorite amongst locals due to its calm waters and picturesque views. Maia is a very old and proud city with many unique cultural landmarks to visit. There is a natural ocean water pool as well in Maia.Porto Formoso beach, Sao Miguel, Azores Islands, Portugal.Praia do Pecadores- Located in the town of Porto Formoso a small fishing village on the north coast of the island next to the Cha Gorreana tea plantation. Here at the fishing port there is a man-made bay where the small local fishing boats embark and disembark on their daily fishing ventures. This is a small fishing port with a small beach. This is a place to relax and get some sun while admiring the old world charm of this quaint fishing village. There are numerous small shops and ice cream parlours, cafes and bars all within walking distance and is a unique spot to spend the day away from large crowds on the beach. There is parking on the street since it is steep to drive down to the beach so is best to park on the main street in front of the local garden and walk the minute or two down to the beach.12805724_541620722686439_8389954635576048183_n (1)Aqua do Alto Beach- Located in the town of Villa Franca this is one of the larger beaches on the southern part of the island of Sao Miguel. Água de Alto is situated on the southern coast of the island of São Miguel. It is located along the regional roadway E.R.1-1ª, that encircles the island, connecting the municipality of Vila Franca do Campo with Ponta Delgada by way of the community of Lagoa along the southern coast. Villa Franca was the old capital of the island of Sao Miguel and has a lot of neat architecture and building as well as some neat local restaurants. A great place to spend the day and enjoy a calm beach.fogogogogPraia do Fogo- Physically, the population groups are concentrated in two areas: the main village of Ribeira Quente and a smaller agglomeration called Fogo. Ribeira Quente is the site of the main fishing port, adjacent homes, commercial businesses and administrative buildings. The locality of Fogo surrounds the main parochial church of São Paulo, erected between 1911 and 1917. In this area is a small bay and main beach: Praia do Fogo. The existence of hydrothermal vents makes the waters in this area popular with visitors and locals alike due to its unique volcanic activity. Ribeira Quente is one of the major fishing regions on the island and is filled with history and charming little shops.

Praia da Povoacao- The is a small dark sand beach located in the county of Povoacao on the Northern tip of the island. It is a beautiful beach with the high cliffs that dive into the majestic blue ocean. The small bay with ample sand space is a nice quiet beach with the waves being moderate. There is a lifeguard on duty and many local snack shops incase you get hungry on your beach day.19987-pisaoPraia do Caloura- This is a small beach with a calm bay


5c6bc-1532-640x375 Praia do Populo- 


santababy Praia Santa Barbara-



80936871Praia da Micalias-



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