A Mulher de Capote: Flavors of the Azores in a Bottle

liqursIf someone told you that you could encompass all the flavors of the beautiful Azores islands and capture them in a bottle of sweet liquor what could you say? Here on the island of Sao Miguel for over 75 years the Mulher de Capote company has been producing some of the finest regional flavored liquors on the Portuguese market. The Azores islands are known for the exotic fruit and mineral rich soil and that is why the many flavors of the island are now available throughout the Azores in a light liquor flavor.

miniaturasThe factory is located in the city of Ribeira Grande and is not the easiest place to find if you’re not familiar with the city. Here you can explore the process behind the production of these unique liquors while having a chance to sample the various flavors. There most popular liquor is their passion fruit which is grown local on site and has received 6 international gold awards. Popular flavors include Passion fruit, Orange and Lemon. dreamstime_m_30610100Also very popular is their pineapple flavor which is used in many local recipes and as an after dinner drink. This is a great place to come and explore on your trip to the Azores if you want to see the local production while sampling the wide variety of flavors they have. They have some custom bottles designed in the various aspects of Azorean culture and make a great gift from this exotic paradise. It’s close proximity to the town square and many other sites in the county make this a nice stopover point between visiting the local landmarks. IMG_9650


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