Sao Miguel Azores: Fun for the Whole Family!

piscinasaopedroThe island of Sao Miguel also known as the green island is a nature lovers paradise with countless outdoors activities from the land, air and sea. The Azores are not just for adults or the seasoned traveller but they are the perfect destination for a family trip to the western most region of the Euro-zone.12801110_543731699142008_1273435787677689597_nThe island of Sao Miguel is where the old world meets the new world, it is right in the middle. In fact it is one of the reasons why Franklin D. Roosevelt when helping create the United Nations suggested the Azores for their headquarters instead of Geneva for that very reason. This is a place that you can feel safe to travel with your family and young children and not have to worry about the crime that sometimes plaques busy cities during the busy summer months. Here the cobblestone streets and fresh ocean air meet the charm of old world Europe with a modern flair.12524284_541057742742737_8596785742771796690_nThe Parque Atlantico mall has a movie theatre with movies playing in English with Portuguese subtitles so if a matinĂ©e to see your favorite new release is what you desire the option is there. The mall has all the luxuries of a western mall with a food court and many north american and European shops.19987-pisaoThe beaches on the island are all very safe and have a lifeguard on duty during the summer months. It is advised that water flotation devices for young children is recommended if they have not swam in the ocean before. Also on the island are a number of natural fresh water and ocean water pools that are right on the beach for families and children that don’t want to swim in the ocean or if the current is too rough. Here there are water slides, diving boards and lots of other children both local and tourists from abroad enjoying the views and cool water.Colorful Boats On A Port. Sao Miguel Island. Azores. Portugal

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