10 Amazing Facts about Portugal

Many Balloons With Portugal Flag On SkyPortugal is the oldest nation-state in Europe! Portugal has maintained its original borders since 1139, making it the oldest country in Europe. To put that in a bit of perspective, Lisbon has been around four centuries longer than Rome.a view of beautiful sandy beach Dona Ana in Lagos Algarve region Portugal Portugal’s western European coastline with cliffs that dive in the Atlantic ocean is home to some of the world’s largest waves where for years in Nazare Portugal the world record has been set for surfing the biggest wave in the world. It has brought Portugal to the spotlight again in the surfing world with unique currants and picturesque beaches.Vasco da Gama bridge at sunset, Lisbon, Portugal Portugal has the largest bridge in Europe! The Vasco de Gama bridge in Lisbon opened in 1998 and at 10.7 miles long is the longest bridge in Europe. It has six road lanes which are soon due to be expanded to eight when daily traffic increases.354914,xcitefun-international-zip-line-1 Portugal has the world’s only international zip line with the start originating in Portugal and the ending in Spain. The 150-meter zipline experience takes you over the Portuguese border to Spain and is a thrill lovers dream. The views are outstanding from both points on the zipline and are recommended for the bucket list enthusiast.Panoramic view over Camara de Lobos Madeira island Portugal Portugal’s weather is known as the hottest in Europe, with nearly 3,000 sunny hours per year. This makes the golden sand beaches and picturesque blue Atlantic ocean a favorite amongst snowbirds trying to escape the cold winter months in northern Europe. The coastline of Portugal stretches for hundreds of miles with just as many beaches and small bays that make this a beach lovers paradise.fatima The shrine of Fatima is the 2nd most popular destination for Christians in all of Europe, right behind the Vatican in Rome. The shrine of Fatima, where the appearance of the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared to 3 shepherd children and then again creating a spectacle in the sky witnessed by over 100,000 people from residents, politicians, and local newspapers. The shrine brings 4-5 million visitors a year being Portugal’s most visited landmark.Hot Drink Portugal introduced tea to the western world! It was the marriage of Queen Catherine of Braganza to King Charles II of England that introduced tea to the English court and gained popularity amongst Portugal’s trading partners. Today Portugal is the only country in the Euro-Zone to produce tea with the famous Cha Gorreana tea plantation located in the Azores, has been producing organic green and black teas since 1883.benf According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the Portuguese soccer club Benefica S.L is the most widely supported soccer team in the world. It is no surprise considering when they play it is played over every television in all the bars and coffee shops across the country.A Golf Course Near The Beach In Portugal. Summer. The country loves to Golf! The beauty of Portugal is only one of the reasons why there are over 70 golf courses in the country. Portugal, Azores, and Madeira all have golfing and all offer a different degree of difficulty in their courses. Portugal is becoming increasingly popular with baby boomers and golf lovers alike who enjoy the fair climate and relatively close distance to North America and Great Britain. Home to many international golf competitions annually Portugal is definitely a place to check out if you want to golf in paradise.bigstock--205493980 The best aquarium in the world is located in Lisbon! According to Tripadvisor the Aquarium Oceanaro was recently voted the best aquarium in the world. This is like a living underwater kingdom where the only thing that divides you from the amazing underwater experience is a small tamperproof glass. Here you can see everything from unique tropical fish to sharks and stingrays and everything you can imagine and more. Watching seahorses swim by as octopus seems to dance by is truly a remarkable experience and is a fun experience for the whole family.



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