The World’s Best: New Years Eve in Paradise on Madeira Island

Capital City Of Madeira, Funchal, PortugalOn the beautiful island of Madeira located 600 km off the coast of Morocco and a 90-minute flight from the Azores is where the biggest fireworks show takes place every year! No winter jackets needed here! With an average temperature in the winter in the high 70’s make this a tropical getaway worth exploring. Every New Years’ eve since the 17th century, Madeira has taken part in the large celebration with back in olden times large bonfires were set and rockets would be set off to mark the coming new year.Magnificent New Year fireworks in Funchal Madeira Island Portugal. Since the introduction of fireworks, many wealthy families on the island would compete with each other on throwing the most elaborate fireworks show. Today the show is extremely popular ever since 2006 when Madeira entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest fireworks display. Hotel occupancy is at its highest reaching 90-95% with tourists from all over the world who come to witness the magical light show in the sky. The capital of the island is Funchal and that is where the fireworks show takes place every year. It is one of the most romantic, beautiful cities in Europe. It has been a refuge for fleeing nobles for centuries due to its remote location and beautiful tropical style weather. There are many museums, romantic chapels, and beautiful cobblestone streets along the cities promenade to make this a magical experience in paradise. Street In FunchalA favorite location of Winston Churchill who would paint that picturesque bays and flora of the island. The island is filled with unique, fun experiences that are sure to make your new years eve an unforgettable one. The island of eternal spring, the flora and fauna here are truly exceptional all year-round with a climate that is very pleasant even in the winter months. The island has some exceptional restaurants that vary in price and can accommodate your dietary needs if specified. This is a great chance to try the local seafood, which comes in fresh daily. The gondola ride across the island’s coast is a must on a clear day and can provide some of the best views while in a comfortable air condition cabin. Cable Car To Monte At Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal

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