Faial Island in the Azores: A Yachtsman’s Paradise

shutterstock_634598387What can be more beautiful than the peaceful sea breeze, beautiful scenery and lush fertile grounds. The island of Faial overlooks the beautiful mountain island of Pico which is the highest point in Portugal. The black and white mosaic cobblestone sidewalks are all in various patterns and designs and takes you back to the old world, European charm. Peters Cafe Sport Bar is one of the most popular tourist stopover points on the island for the perfect drink filled with the unique culture of the island.Inselhauptstadt Horta (Insel Faial / Azoren) It is here that international mariners from all over the world stop by on their trans-Atlantic crossing and is very popular in the spring and the summer when the waters are calmer. Faial has always been an island that is connected very close to the life of the sea. The island is very dependant on its ability to have ease of access to the other regions of the Azores and has benefited from both ferry access to the island as well as through the local airport which receives flights from the other 8 Azorean islands.shutterstock_667054270A land like all regions of the Azores where cows graze on the lush, fertile green grass along side the country roads where fences of hydrangeas divide the lands. This is a very small island but an island filled with a rich sailing history and lives a Eco-friendly existence. It is no wonder why the island is called “the blue island” because of its vast blue hydrangea fields, surrounding a blue sky and deep blue ocean. The flora and fauna on the island is quite remarkable with many unique hiking spots on this magical island.hydrangeafaialIt is the 3rd most populated island in the Azores with just under 20,000 residents most living in the capital city Horta. It is an island where time stays still and the love of the land and nature are important aspects of the lives of locals. There are a couple great beaches here on the island with Porto Pim being the most popular due to its calm waters and beautiful scenery. There are a couple of 17th century lighthouse that still stand on the island and are neat to explore and imagine the Portuguese townsmen watching out for pirates that often raided the coastlines of the Azorean islands. This is a popular area for whale watching and also for dolphins. The island of Pico which is visible for Faial is the main island where these tours take place and here you can almost guarantee anytime of the day to see the sea mammals frolicking in the safe Azorean waters. shutterstock_600588875

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