Madeira’s Sister Island of Porto Santo

Porto Santo golden beachPorto Santo is a small island 29 miles northeast of Madeira Island. This is a white sand lovers paradise as the coastline stretches the entire island, providing ample leisure room. Although a small island, the Porto Santo community has its own schools, health-care centre, police detachments, a gymnasium, churches, several local squares, a Congress Centre, museum, shopping centres, bars, hotels and great restaurants.Sidewalk to the beachIt was here that Christopher Columbus began his life as a young navigator and married the governor’s daughter Filipa, where they had a son Diogo. The residence of the family still stands today and it was in this home that Columbus poured over ancient maps and weather charts of the seas, inherited from his father in law; the islands discoverer.AdobeStock_142819587.jpegThe flora and fauna of the island have changed drastically since it was initially discovered, although the Portuguese government has put great emphasis on restoring and preserving the unique eco-system of the island. The island, unlike Madeira which is mountainous has a similar temperature to that of the Canary islands to the south, which are more dry and dessert like in some areas.Porto Santo island in the Madeira archipelago This is a popular destination with golfers, surfers and beach lovers since it offers some of Portugal’s best. The golf course on the island, which has hosted the European Cup is an 18 hole course and is regarded as one of the best in the Atlantic. Also popular in recent years is surfing in the winter months where the waves tend to be 3-5 feet. The summer months are big with stand up paddle boarding, where the crystal blue ocean and white sand beaches provide a perfect backdrop for your island experience.Porto Santo

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