Azores First Families: Laureano Francisco da Câmara Falcão

Pictured here in 1860 Laureano with his 2nd wife

The 2nd child and first-born son of Manuel José Pinto da Câmara Coutinho and Bernarda Miquelina do Canto Côrte-Real. Laureano was born on September 17, 1804 at “Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Assunção”, in Vila Do Porto, Santa Maria, Azores Portugal. He was named after his paternal grandfather who was born at the same family estate in Santa Maria in 1772. Laureano was a descendant of some of the oldest and wealthiest aristocratic families in Portugal; being from the lines of “Canto” “Da Camara” “Falcao” and “Corte-Real”. He married twice and between both marriages had 10 children. He was a very bright man that accumulated and managed large estates on various Portuguese colonies including Sao Miguel, Santa Maria and Madeira. It was on the island of Madeira in 1847 that he is credited with the introduction of corn production, which he had initiated on Sao Miguel and decided to export the seeds and workers to Madeira to cultivate this valuable crop. Laureano like his father and ancestors before him was very close to the crown of Portugal and played an influential role in Atlantic trade and cultivation.

Pictured here is his 1st born son also named Laureano Da Camara Falcao with his wife.

Laureano married D. Maria Jacinta de Menezes e Vasconcelos in 1821 who was 17 at the time and he was 18. They had 7 children during the marriage.

-D.Maria Jacinta de Vasconcelos da Câmara Falcão * 21.08.1822 who married João Leite Pacheco de Bettencourt

-Laureano Jorge Pinto da Câmara Falcão * 15.04.1833 who married D.Maria Leopoldina Borges do Canto e Câmara (pictured above)

-D.Maria Matilde de Vasconcelos da Câmara Falcão * 14.03.1835 -António do Canto de Vasconcelos da Câmara Falcão * 07.09.1837 who married D.Luciana Blanch Arbués Moreira

-João de Vasconcelos do Canto da Câmara Falcão * 21.09.1841

-Manuel de Vasconcelos do Canto da Câmara Falcão

-Francisco de Vasconcelos do Canto da Câmara Falcão * 15.02.1844


In 1849 he married D.Maria Luísa de Medeiros e Câmara and they had 3 children who are in the photo above.

-D.Maria Luísa do Canto da Câmara Falcão * 17.04.1850 who married Francisco de Melo Vaz Pacheco de Castro

-Luís do Canto da Câmara Falcão * 11.09.1851 who married D.Felícia Leite Borges Bicudo

-Jayme do Canto da Câmara Falcão * 25.03.1856 who married D.Maria Elisa Sequeira de Aragão Moraes

Pictured here is his grandson also with the same name as his father and grandfather. Laureano Jorge Pinto Da Camara Falcao

Some of his achievements and accomplishments were:

  • A student of the College of Nobles.
  • Captain of the Ordinances.
  • Lieutenant Colonel of the militia regiment of Ponta Delgada – by letter of King Dom João VI of Portugal in 1824.
  • Knight of the Order of Christ-1825.
  • Knight of the Royal House -1826.
  • Colonel of the National Battalion of volunteers of artillery of Ponta Delgada – by regal diploma of 1840.
  • Commander of the Order of Christ – November 20, 1844.
  • Mayor of Ponta Delgada.
  • Civil Governor of Sao Miguel
  • Deputy to the Royal Court (1861-1865)

Laureano Passed away on July 21, 1868 at the age of 63 in Fajã de Baixo, Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, Açores, Portugal and is buried at the da Câmara family cemetery in the centre of Ponta Delgada.

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