The Colorful City of Aveiro on the Portuguese Riviera

Aveiro Portugal CanalAveiro, the beautiful Portuguese seaside port, is one of Portugal’s undiscovered gems. Located just 60 km south of Porto city, this small city of 55,000 residents is one of Portugal’s most attractive cities. Here on what is called the ‘silver coast’ or the ‘Portuguese Venice,’ you can explore the pristine beaches, unique architecture, colorful avenues, and of course, the enchanting canals and caves that make this such a picturesque place to visit.
Aerial shot of the "palheiros" in Costa Nova, Aveiro, PortugalAveiro’s climate is ideal for those looking to get in some Portuguese sunshine while not being overwhelmed with the humidity that some of the interior municipalities endure in Portugal. The summer months in Aveiro are more dry and humid; however, they are the best months to visit as the skies are blue all day and the sunsets at dawn are just jaw-dropping.
This city overlooks the North Atlantic ocean and offers an abundance of natural beauty, eye-catching gardens, miles of pristine white-sand beaches. The charm that surrounds this beautiful seaside community is something you will feel right when you visit. The colorful homes that adorn the boardwalk are all very unique and well maintained and make a perfect spot to rent as a vacation rental on the beach.
Costa Nova Houses 3The houses here are something to admire. The detail and the wide variety of colors that all seem to blend in together entirely are beautiful. The pride of culture and tradition with Aveiro’s residents is evident with how they celebrate their local festivities and honor the various patron saints of the different neighborhoods in the city. If you want an enjoyable time filled with great seafood and various wines all grown locally, this is the city.
Traditional house facade in Aveiro, PortugalThe residents haven’t been overwhelmed with tourism that has affected Portugal’s southern tip, most notably the Algarve region. This seaside city sees a steady flow of tourists who admire the gorgeously constructed cathedrals that dot the cities landscape with the unique classical architecture and elegant stained glass windows that glimmer and shine in the Portuguese sunlight.
Portuguese church Matriz de VálegaIt is hard to miss the churches here, as something you will notice in all of Portugal’s cities. It is common in small towns and villages to hear the bell rung at the local parish every hour, indicating the time. This is how you know what time it is without wearing a watch and provide a unique charm to your Portuguese experience.
Costa Nova, Portugal: Colorful Striped Houses Called Palheiros WOne of the best ways to explore this enchanting city is by bike, and here in Aveiro, they make it very easy and accessible to do just that. The city offers a free bike rental service for tourists called ‘BUGA,’ which, when translated, stands for ‘Free Bike Service for Aveiro.’ Here, all you have to do is go to the local store “Loja” that has the bikes, and if they are available, all you have to do is submit your ID, and off you can go exploring. This city is not one of those expensive European cities known for their price gouging towards tourists.
bicycleHere, the people and their traditions have allowed the residents to prosper alongside the city’s development and enjoy the wide variety of western tourists who visit this seaside paradise for some authentic Portuguese culture and tradition annually. This city has various accommodations, restaurants, and venues for all spending types. High-end restaurants here offer some of the most delectable local dishes with regional ingredients to smaller and just as delicious restaurants that cater to locals and welcome tourists as well to enjoy their unique dishes.
Cheese With Sausages, Olives And Red WineIt is not uncommon to find a wide variety of seafood dishes, most notably cod, at most restaurants in Portugal. The region is known for its exceptional goat and lamb dishes, and if that sounds to gamey for you, then the grass-fed beef that comes in many traditional cuts and flavors is sure to be something you would be interested in trying. The region also caters to vegans, with many local dishes being made solely of various beans, vegetables, and rice.
bigstock--212937238No matter what your fancy, this small seaside community on the Portuguese coast has you covered with the countless Portuguese and western restaurants and cafes that decorate this city; you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for under the Portuguese sun or moon.
City of Aveiro in the north of Portugal by night boat tours The city’s nightlife is just as expected for a Portuguese city “Lively and Upbeat” while offering some great dance and techno clubs that stay open late and are filled with students from the downtown university; which is one of Portugal’s best universities. The city has some fabulous bakeries and coffee shops along with the towns bustling avenue. This is a great spot to shop and admire all the charming boutiques and shops along this pristine riviera and, of course, get a famous Portuguese dessert along the way.aveiro lisbon portugal shopping streets gold portuguese jewel The city is connected to highway number 1 (A1), which is the country’s main road, but also a toll road. However, if you are driving from Porto, it is advisable to take highway 29 (A29) as it’s free of charge and runs parallel to the A1. You can easily reach to Aveiro through the A17 highway, which is linked to the A8 highway from Lisbon and the A25 highway, which comes from Spain, so it depends on where you are coming from.Typical houses at Vouga river. Aveiro, Portugal with boat tour The hotels in the area also have shuttles that travel from the Porto airport to Aveiro that are very convenient. As you can see, the city is very accessible. It is centrally located to many of Portugal’s most exciting and beautiful spots, making it very easy to get around and explore the nearby cities and towns such as Coimbra, Sintra, and Porto.
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Some popular spots to visit in Aveiro are:

  • Museum of the Republic
  • Igreja da Misericórdia
  • Dom Pedro Children’s Park
  • Fisherman’s Wharf
  • Santo António Park
  • Fish Market
  • Costa Nova and Barra Beach
  • Aveiro Museum
  • Rua dos Combatentes da Guerra
  • Avenida Dr. Lourenço Peixinho
  • Convento de Jesus
  • Take a Gondola Ride

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