The Pristine City of Cascais on the Portuguese Riviera

Cascais, Portugal People Sunbathing On Praia beach tourisim azoresIf you want to experience the Portuguese Riviera, then here in the seaside paradise city of Cascais, just west of Lisbon, you are bound to find the beauty and magic of this enchanting coastal city. Cascais has a rich history that dates back centuries as a royal retreat of Europe’s monarchs in the 19th century, most notably King Edward VIII and King Carlos I of Spain, making this the location of their summer retreats. It is no wonder this city has been attracting people from all over the world that choose to visit this special spot on the Atlantic. It is a city with awe-inspiring beaches, unbelievable architecture, and incredible year-round sunny weather that instantly makes this one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities.
azores tours Cascais-Portugal summer portuguese riviera storeLocated between the Sintra mountains and the Atlantic ocean, this is a city that has so much to offer all varieties of tourists. Here you can experience authentic Portuguese cuisine at some of the best restaurants. Many are small and intimate with the family, still cooking up recipes passed down to them for generations, using only the best regional ingredients and spices. Portugal is a country that prides itself on its abundance of products it produces, and it’s the outstanding agriculture sector, which grows everything from tea and coffee to passion fruits and corn. You will notice that the residents are very proud of their history and culture. Although many understand German and English, it is always good to speak the native language and not be ignorant about people’s cultures. If you enjoy cobblestone streets, traditional fado music, and sunny days, then Cascais is the place you need to visit.
promenade cascais portugal tours beach hotel and sunshine summerA family-friendly country; Portugal is a safe place to visit. Many hotels and resorts offer onsite babysitting services and a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities for your kids to experience Portugal while under the supervision of trained bilingual childcare staff. The beaches have a variety of activities as well, and it is recommended to bring your beach bag with towels and sunscreen as the sun can be hot in the summer months. There are always beach umbrellas available for rent on the various beaches in Cascais as well as lounge chairs.
portuguese restaurant port wine cascais aveiro portugalOne of the best things about being a country surrounded by the Atlantic coastline is the wide variety of ocean activities in this eco-friendly country. Here in Cascais’ magical city, surfing and boating activities are bucket list items you must do when visiting this clean and safe city. A small marina with various boats from all over the world exists in the city harbor, and this is a great spot to come and get a bite to eat at one of the charming restaurants overlooking this lively harbor. You can arrange to go on a deep-sea fishing excursion or a whale watching tour, where the bilingual, friendly guides will take you out a short distance into the ocean where you can see the vibrant ocean life that exists here safely from the comfort of your boat.
portuguese boats harbor sunset cascais ponta delgada azores