The Breathtaking Terra Nostra Garden in Furnas

The Terra Nostra Garden is located in the middle of the small town of Furnas, in the county of Povoacao on the island of Sao Miguel. This is one of the most impressive gardens in the Azores and has a deep history that dates back to the late 1700s. With over 600 varieties of...
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The Da Câmara family of Madeira and the Azores

Joao Gonçalves Zarco was a knight in Prince Henry the Navigator’s court, during the Portuguese “Age of Exploration” in the early 1400’s. Joao Zarco led the first fleet to discover uninhabited lands in Europe, fueling the exploration age that spread through...
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Sao Miguel in the Azores is the ‘Green Island’

The exuberant landscapes that blanket this beautiful paradise, from mountain high cliffs to deep valleys of fertile vegetation, are breathtaking. The location of Sao Miguel is in the north Atlantic ocean, hundreds of miles away from industrial pollution. The gentle gulf stream...
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The Sweet Secret to Pineapples in the Azores

On the Azores islands, located in the mid-Atlantic ocean, one of Europe’s only regions produces the exotic, aggregate fruit known as the pineapple. On the island of Sao Miguel, which in Portugal is referred to as Ilha Verde, ‘the green island’ is home to the...
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Surfing on the Volcanic Island of Sao Miguel in the Azores

The nine islands located in the Mid-Atlantic ocean about 850 miles west of Portugal (Europe’s westernmost region) is the autonomous region known as the Azores. The Azores are one of Europe’s unspoiled and low-key surfing hot spots recently rediscovered as an ideal...
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azores hike blue and green lake sete cidades

The Best Hiking Trails in the Azores on Sao Miguel Island

The Azores islands are well-known for being an Eco-friendly tourist destination, emphasizing sustaining the Azores’ vision as a green destination. The Azores have never been influenced by mass tourism before in its 500+ year history and have always been a destination for...
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downtown ponta delgada covid shopping Azores

Ponta Delgada: An Amazing City to Explore on Sao Miguel Island

A modern and dynamic city, Ponta Delgada is the capital city of the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores. Built facing the sea in the 15th century which is located on a beautiful bay between two points. The city is the most heavily populated municipality in the Azores with just...
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Azores Earth Festival

The Medieval Festival in Ribeira Grande on Sao Miguel Island

The Azores are known for their countless celebrations and “Festas” that happen at various times throughout the year on each of the 9 Portuguese islands. On the island of Sao Miguel, which has always been recognized as the Azores’ agricultural capital, in the...
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