The Top 10 Spots to Visit on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores

If a holiday on one of the world’s most eco-friendly destinations is something you have on your bucket list, then a trip to the Azores is something you must experience. A 90-minute flight from Lisbon or a 5-hour direct flight out of Toronto or Boston through the islands...
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azores credit economy

The Azores Economy

The Azores archipelago is an autonomous region of Portugal, located in the North Atlantic ocean, 1 500 km off the coast of mainland Europe (distance from Lisbon). The Azores encompass nine islands and a small group of islets divided into three geographic and political groups. The...
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Portugal’s Best Kept Secret: Sao Miguel Island in the Azores

These nine islands have always had a unique sense of identity, culture, and history. Although they are a part of Portugal, they have a lot of self-autonomy, which allows them to forge their own fate on political and social issues. During the carnation revolution of 1974 on the...
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Cloud Forest: The Magic of the Laurisilva Forests in the Azores

Trees, which are an essential component to the lifeblood and survival of our fragile ecosystem here on Earth have always had a dominating effect here on the Azores islands, with the landscape covered with dense forests and green pastures as far as the eye can see. Here in the...
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