The Magical Crater Lakes on Flores Island in the Azores

One of the best-kept secrets still to exist in the Azores is the magnificent crater lakes on Flores island, at the Northern-tip of the archipelago. Here on this little island paradise exists some of the most beautiful flora and pastoral scenes in all of the Azores. It is here...
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E.U Economic Boost for the Azores Islands

The Operational Program “Regional Azores 2014-2020” is a multi-fund Program with contributions from the European Regional Development Fund and European Social Funds for 2014-2020, covering the outermost region of Azores. The total allocation of the Operational Program...
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Happy Cows: Milk from the Azores Islands

Living in the rhythm of nature, the cows on the island of Sao Miguel live the life every cow dreams of. The fresh meadows, natural springs, and endless green pastures make it an ideal location to produce some of the country’s best dairies. The island of Sao Miguel is known...
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Camellias are Thriving on the Portuguese Island of Sao Miguel

With its maritime contacts in the 17th century, Portugal introduced this native plant from China and Japan to the region of the Azores, where today there are over 600 varieties of camellias. The camellias in the Azores have been here for hundreds of years, with many people...
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Blueberries: A Potential High Return Investment for the Azores Economy

The Azores islands, located in the mid-Atlantic ocean, provide a unique, precarious climate that ranges from 15 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees annually. The winter months in the Azores do not receive snow or frost. However, it tends to rain more during this season, making...
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The Abundance of Hydrangeas on the Azores Islands

The Azores islands are 9 exotic islands, located in the mid-Atlantic ocean which have a delicate, narrow weather pattern. The islands are known for their unique flora and fauna which extends far past the endemic plants of the island. Introduced here in the 17th century, the...
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Banking in the Azores for American & Canadian Cardholders

One of the first things people wonder when traveling to the Azores islands is whether they will use their bank cards from the United States or Canada. The answer is yes! The Azores have modernized over the last decade and are not the small islands that only emigrants visit on...
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Nature Reserve’s on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores

Nature Reserve & Recreation Park of Viveiro do Nordeste This is a great garden lovers reserve with proximity to Nordeste’s historical center with pleasant picnic areas and traditional wood ovens, making this park an attractive choice for many visitors. Right at the...
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What to See and Do in Furnas on Sao Miguel Island

Furnas, a small volcanic town on the island of Sao Miguel is by far one of the most unusual and beautiful spots in all of the Azores. This is an ideal location to visit and indulge in the vast amount of unique flora and fauna that represent the Azorean region. The various...
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