Azores Flowers Hydrangea Island of Faial

The Blue Hydrangea Covered Island of Faial in the Azores

What can be more beautiful than a peaceful sea breeze, pastoral green mountains, and an island covered with baby blue hydrangeas? The small island of Faial, known as the ‘blue island,’ overlooks Pico’s beautiful mountainous island, which is the highest point in...
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pico azores atlantic ocean hike to mountain

Hiking above the Clouds on Pico Island

The island of Pico is a small mountain island that is just 150 miles north-west of the island of Sao Miguel. The island is known for its volcanic landscape and the unique wines produced on this small volcanic island in the Atlantic. The grape vineyards here on Pico were...
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The World’s Best: New Years Eve in Paradise on Madeira Island

On the beautiful island of Madeira which is located 600 km off the coast of Morocco, and a 90-minute flight from the Azores is where the biggest fireworks show takes place every year! No winter jackets are needed here! With an average temperature in the winter in the high...
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Angra do Heroismo: The Crown Jewel of Portugal

The island of Terceira is one of the most beautiful islands in the Atlantic ocean and has played an essential role in the new world’s history ever since its discovery in the early 15th century. It is here that they say the old world meets the modern world. Terceira has...
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A Must Do Family Trip to Sao Miguel Island in the Azores

The island of Sao Miguel also known as the “green island” is a nature lover paradise. The countless outdoor activities offered on land, air, and sea are perfect for you and your family to experience. The nine Azores islands are not just for the seasoned traveler...
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A Mulher de Capote: Flavors of the Azores in a Bottle

If someone told you that you could encompass all the flavors of the beautiful Azores islands and capture them in a bottle of sweet liquor, what could you say? Here on the island of Sao Miguel for over 75 years, the Mulher de Capote company has been producing some of the finest...
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The Azores Best Sunrise is in Nordeste

The county of Nordeste in English translates to North-East. This is the location of this charming little town on the island of Sao Miguel. Here is one of the more quiet parts of the island. Extensive forested areas surrounding the city limits make this a private oasis on the...
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azores sao miguel beach

The Best Beaches on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores

The largest island in the Azores archipelago, Sao Miguel is home to 140,000 residents and is approximately 1500 km from mainland Europe. Here on this nature lovers paradise, you have the option of exploring a wide variety of picturesque landscapes and unique lava stone beaches...
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The Pottery Factory in Sao Miguel Azores: Ceramica Vieira

When exploring the island of Sao Miguel, you can’t help but notice the beautiful signs located on buildings, churches, and street corners made of white and blue mosaic tiles. For over 150 years, a small company has been producing these signs and a wide variety of pottery...
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