Madeira’s Sister Island of Porto Santo

Porto Santo is a small island that was discovered by Portuguese navigators in 1418 and it was the first of many islands to be discovered by the maritime power of Portugal during the 15th and 16th centuries.  The island is located 29 miles northeast of Madeira Island; the larger of the two islands in the … Continue reading Madeira’s Sister Island of Porto Santo

The Exotic Island of Madeira

Location: The archipelago of Madeira is located 520 km (280 nmi) from the African coast and 1,000 km (540 nautical miles) from the European continent (approximately a one-and-a-half hour flight from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon) How to get here: Azores Airlines, TAP Airlines Population: 270,000 Points of interest:  The island of Madeira is wet in the northwest but dry in … Continue reading The Exotic Island of Madeira