10 Amazing Facts about Portugal

Portugal is the oldest nation-state in Europe! Portugal has maintained its original borders since 1139, making it the oldest country in Europe. To put that in a bit of perspective, Lisbon has been around four centuries longer than Rome.Portugal's western European coastline with cliffs that dive in the Atlantic ocean is home to some of … Continue reading 10 Amazing Facts about Portugal

The Exotic Island of Madeira

Location: The archipelago of Madeira is located 520 km (280 nmi) from the African coast and 1,000 km (540 nautical miles) from the European continent (approximately a one-and-a-half hour flight from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon) How to get here: Azores Airlines, TAP Airlines Population: 270,000 Points of interest:  The island of Madeira is wet in the northwest but dry in … Continue reading The Exotic Island of Madeira

Madeira Islands Annual Spring Flower Festival

The annual flower festival on the island of Madeira is a perfect festival to represent the natural beauty of Madeira island. It is here in which the Portuguese call the land of eternal spring. The island is known for its unique gardens and exotic flowers, where anything and everything grows in these fertile soils. This … Continue reading Madeira Islands Annual Spring Flower Festival