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The Macaronesia Islands of the Atlantic

The Macaronesia islands are a collection of four archipelagos in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coasts of Europe and Africa. Each archipelago is made up of several Atlantic oceanic islands formed by seamounts on the ocean floor with summits above the ocean’s surface. The...
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Hiking above the Clouds on Pico Island

The island of Pico is a small mountain island that is just 150 miles north-west of the island of Sao Miguel. The island is known for its volcanic landscape and the unique wines produced on this small volcanic island in the Atlantic. The grape vineyards here on Pico were...
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Flying to the Azores Islands from USA or Canada

There has always been a limited number of ways of traveling to the Azores. If you are in Europe or North America you can fly with one of the few airlines that has access to fly to the Azores. In North America, only a few cities operate direct flights to the Azores Islands, which...