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Located in the Mid-Atlantic ocean just a 90 minute flight from Lisbon are 9 islands filled with unique beauty and old world European charm
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Here on these unspoiled islands in the Atlantic, which are all relatively small in size and with a population of just over 240,000 residents are filled with charming waterfalls, enchanting beaches, eye-catching valleys and of course an abundance of hydrangeas that have become the national flower of these 9 islands.

9 Unspoiled Islands in the Atlantic

The Magic of the Azores Islands

Here it’s as if time stands still and this is how the locals like it. Time does not work like it does on mainland Europe but more as an “island style” with a very relaxed but still efficient way of living. The dramatic coastlines, green pastoral settings and unique flora and fauna are only some of the enchanting characteristics the region has to offer.

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