Super Fruits Grown on the Azores Islands

tropical azores guava portuguese fruit treeThe abundance of super fruits grown on the Azores Islands is remarkable. Here, in this Macaronesian paradise, you can taste hundreds of fruits. Did you know that Guavas have a unique nutritional profile? Eating just one ounce (28 grams) of guava will give you 107% of the RDI of vitamin C. Guavas are also rich in fiber, folate, vitamin A, potassium, and copper manganese. The antioxidants in guavas have been shown to protect cells from oxidative damage, indicating that they may help reduce the risk of chronic disease. Guavas are an excellent source of pectin, which helps with digestion and may help prevent colon cancer. azores bananas fruit plantation Bananas, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, also have quite a few health benefits to offer. They are well known for being high in potassium. One medium-sized banana provides around 12% of the RDI of potassium. Bananas also contain pectin, which may improve blood sugar and control digestive health. Furthermore, studies have shown that bananas’ high carb and mineral content make them a great energy source before exercising.Azores Red Currants Fruit Basket Although small, red currants are actually tiny “superfruits” that offer a whole range of health benefits. These berries are low in fat, low in calories, high in healthy fiber, and loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are key to looking youthful, feeling great, and remaining healthy and nourished. These grow wild on the Macaronesian islands of the Azores. Here, these delicious super-fruits are consumed fresh or in delicious jams that go amazing with toast or on top of ice cream.laranja oranges from the Azores Fruits Oranges are one of the most popular and nutritious fruits in the world. Eating one medium orange will provide a significant amount of vitamin C and potassium. They’re also a good source of B vitamins, such as thiamine and folate. The plant compounds in oranges are responsible for most of their health benefits. These include flavonoids, carotenoids, and citric acid. For example, citric acid may reduce the risk of kidney stones. Oranges are similar to lemons with their impressive amounts of vitamin C and citric acid, increasing iron absorption and preventing anemia. The island of Sao Miguel in the Azores during the 16th and 17th centuries produced thousands of tons of oranges for export throughout Europe. A once-popular Christmas tradition to receive an orange at Christmas time, these St. Michaels oranges, as they were called, are why you see so many large estates throughout the island since they were home at one time to large orange groves. Today, small orange groves exist throughout all of the islands, where fresh orange juice and marmalades are standard. Quintal acores amora blackberry fruit azores Blackberries are another incredibly healthy fruit, packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. They provide an impressive amount of vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. One cup (237 ml) of blackberries provides a whopping 8 grams of fiber. Also, the antioxidants in blackberries have been shown to reduce inflammation and aging of the arteries. Both effects may protect against chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer. Blackberries in Portuguese translates to ‘Amora’. These ‘amora’ berries are used in many regional products such as liquors, yogurts, and of course jams.azores pineapple ananas dos acores Portugal Among the tropical fruits, the pineapple is a nutrition superstar. One cup (237 ml) of pineapple provides 131% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of vitamin C and 76% of the RDI for manganese. Pineapple also contains bromelain, a mixture of enzymes known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to digest protein. Pineapples can take 2-3 years to fully ripen and be ready for consumption. These delicate fruits do not like to be rushed and that’s why they taste so sweet. On the island of Sao Miguel, there are hundreds of greenhouses where these sweet fruits grow in abundance. The Azores is one of the only regions in the world to grow pineapples in greenhouses. Super Fruit Azores Morango Strawberry Jam Dessert Strawberries are highly nutritious. Their vitamin C, manganese, folate, and potassium contents are where they shine. Compared to other fruits, strawberries have a relatively low glycemic index. Eating them shouldn’t cause a big blood sugar spike. Like other berries, strawberries have a high antioxidant capacity, which may reduce your chronic disease risk. Recent studies have found that strawberries may also help prevent cancer and tumor formation.azores lemon tree portuguese fruit Lemons are a very healthy citrus fruit known for their high vitamin C content. They may be particularly helpful in promoting heart health, due to their potential to lower blood lipids and blood pressure. Based on studies, researchers have also stated that the plant compounds found in lemons can help prevent weight gain. Other studies show that the citric acid in lemon juice can treat kidney stones. Either way, these sour fruits are grown everywhere in the Azores due to their countless uses in recipes and drinks and can be enjoyed in the spring and summer months right off the tree.Maracuja Azores Passion Fruits Passion Fruit is by far one of the most popular fruits from the Azores. This exotic fruit grows and flowers into beautiful plants all over the 9 Azorean islands. These fruits, which have a sweet, yet sour, fruity pulp, are the perfect fruit to add to almost anything. This exotic fruit has been incorporated into countless recipes and desserts here in the Azores. This super-fruit also boasts cancer-preventing properties and is an excellent source of vitamins, especially vitamin C and A. It’s also very high in fiber. The plumpy interior also contains crunchy, edible, fiber-rich seeds. The pulp makes an excellent topping on top of cheesecake, creating a passion fruit cheesecake. Popular in ice creams and sorbets, this is a must-try fruit when you are visiting the region. maracuja dos acores e madeira azores passion super-fruit