Sao Miguel Azores gets a New Casino

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                                        The Azor Hotel and Casino Opened in 2017 located in Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel

The island of Sao Miguel located in the Mid-Atlantic ocean has seen a tourism boom in the last 5 years which has resulted in many additions to the island’s landscape and skyline. The newest addition to the Ponta Delgada skyline is the Azor Hotel and Casino which recently just opened in January 2017 with the casino being home in the Spring of 2017. The 10 million dollar investment from the Portuguese parent company is one of the modern-day additions that have come to the island. The Hotel has a modern decor with just over 100 rooms and suites with many overlooking the harbor on the islands capital. The Pool and fitness facility are open to hotel guests with the lounge and a la carte restaurant open to everyone.Roulette and piles of gambling chips on a green table. The restaurant is pricey but offers a creative unique menu of some of the finest local ingredients the islands have to offer. The casino has come with mixed emotions by locals and tourists alike. The GDP of the island is not one that requires a casino since many of the population get paid 1 a month and hardly a salary that leaves a substantial leisurely disposable income. The rationale behind its building was that it was be a great addition for tourists who come to the island either by day cruise or for the weekend for a getaway. However most cruise lines have their own casinos onboard and the Azores being a location that thrives of its eco-tourism it was strange to see that after close to a decade the property was completed and opened.AzorHotel2017-6-760x400 The property is stunning and offers the modern-day luxuries of any 4 star hotel. The casino which has bilingual staff is open till late hours of the night and has increasingly become a stopover point during the night for a quick card game or two by tourists. Most people don’t make the casino the highlight of their trip to the Azores and is more of a novelty or something to do in between tours.hotel-exterior

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  1. Mark Ballbowski Reply

    The Ponta Delgada CASINO is an embarrassment to the word Casino. Nothing about this casino spells fun. The tables only take either 2 euro chips or 5 euro chips. You can’t play with a 5 euro chip on the 2 euro table and vise verse. If you play position 3 on the blackjack table and are sitting on the 4th chair, you are forced to give up your 3 spot to a new player. I had the most awful experience at this casino. It is a true pre historical gaming experience. I do not recomend this casino. Save your hard money and spend it on local business instead

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