The Jaw Dropping ‘Hydrangea Islands’ in the Azores

AzoresToursThere is something to be said of these 9 isolated islands located in the Mid-Atlantic ocean; an autonomous region that is part of Portugal known as the Azores. Here on these unspoiled islands in the Atlantic, which are all relatively small in size and with a population of just over 240,000 residents are filled with charming waterfalls, enchanting beaches, eye-catching valleys, and of course an abundance of hydrangeas that have become the national flower of these 9 islands. 205570_439108012804888_270280225_nThese beautiful flowers which were introduced to the region centuries ago by Portuguese explorers and missionaries once were so invasive on these islands and were growing so wild that it resulted in the devastation of a great deal of the endemic flora of the region.283870_200685586647133_7609294_n The rich volcanic soil, steady rain, and unique weather pattern that affects the region all seemed to play well to the propagation of these beautiful flowers. The 20th century is the century of the hydrangea flower on the Azores islands; most notably Sao Miguel, Faial, Flores, and Graciosa. received_277522556524133Here on these enchanting eco-friendly islands, the overwhelming amount of hydrangeas which once was becoming a pest for the region have become a symbol of pride and beauty with the memories of these hydrangea covered islands always keeping a special place in the hearts and minds of all those who experience these islands. The variety of colors here is truly remarkable with blues, purples, reds, pinks, and white hydrangeas dotting the island landscapes with flowers some the size of basketballs. setecidadesThe countrysides and roads are the places you really want to go to and explore if hydrangeas are something that you are interested in experiencing. The hydrangeas here in the Azores are known around the world for there outstanding abundance, size, and natural beauty that they bring to the island landscape. These beautiful flowers begin to bloom in late April and go until early September; with May and June being the beginning months of this beautiful season here on the Azores. Azores Hydrangea FlowersThe island of Faial; which is a yachtsman paradise due to its location and since it is a main stopover point in the Atlantic is probably the most famous island in the Azores to see the extraordinary amount of hydrangeas; mostly blue and purple in color here during the summer months. The seeds of the hydrangea flower do not dictate the color of the plant,  it’s the soil and acidity level present in the soil that alters the colors of these beautiful flowers.Road to the sky, Flores Island, Azores, Portugal That is why in some locations you will have rows of blue hydrangeas and across the street, it may be a dark purple or a light red since the soil is the major factor in controlling the plant’s color. The mineral-rich, volcanic soil on these islands have proven to provide a constant level of acidity to the soil, which results in the majority of the hydrangeas on these islands to be various shades of beautiful blue.received_315491009125637 The colors of these hydrangeas change slightly with the changing of the season and light, blue hydrangeas in the spring will towards the hotter summer months tend to become deep purple before slowly wilting away until next year. received_1493208590813845It is known that if you are going to the Azores islands that when driving through the various countryside towns and villages that you are going to see green pastures filled with cows grazing on the green grass while the fences that divide the plots of land are made out of hydrangea shrubs; some 3-6 feet tall. received_2232408620358497This is indicative of the tradition and culture of these beautiful islands which instead of using concrete or wires they utilize the natural benefits of beautiful hydrangea lined fences which offer the same amount of protection for the grazing cattle but also is sustainable, eco friendly, and of course, provides life to the bees and hummingbirds that adore these bright flowers. hydrangeaIf a tour through some of the most enchanting hydrangea covered locales is something you have on your bucket list than let us show you the beauty of the island’s unique landscapes while you take in the magic of these magical islands.received_462818954464270

Azores Hydrangea

Azores Hydrangea Seeds

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